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We’ve found a winning combination that consistently drives results: crafting compelling campaign concepts like spring sales or discounts and deploying them across multiple channels. By leveraging your email distribution list along with Facebook, Instagram, and Google, we maximize reach and engagement. Tailoring the focus of each campaign to specific audience segments ensures that your marketing budget is allocated effectively. Our approach emphasizes optimizing your website for organic traffic initially, and then supplementing with targeted email and social media campaigns to drive revenue growth.

four steps for A successFUL advertising campaign:


Your website is the cornerstone of your online presence. By optimizing it effectively, you can attract more visitors and drive revenue growth. An optimized website will create organic traffic by enabling people to find your website through search engines without paid advertising. 

2. Campaign Creation

Using a season, a theme, or a new product launch, we brainstorm ideas that will resonate with your customers and drive engagement. We then design assets tailored to support the various forms of social media outlets. The assets will be crafted to effectively communicate your message and visually captivate your audience.

3. Targeted Email

We use Mailchimp to deploy the campaign and customize the messaging based on customer segmentation. We tailor your messaging and offers to the specific interests and needs of each segment to maximize engagement and conversions. Direct-to-customer email campaigns offer an exceptional opportunity to boost your sales and enhance brand awareness. 

4. Social Media

Social media platforms offer vast opportunities to connect with your audience. We utilize the targeted campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to reach potential customers and drive traffic to your website ultimately creating conversions and a positive return on your investment.


NEW DESIGN CO. was the agency of record to design and manage Hero Images monthly email. Hero Images is a stock photography company that needed to increase website traffic and conversions through email marketing. We helped them create a template-based email campaign using MailChimp with new weekly content. We designed subscriber landing page that integrated into their website, and oversaw the ongoing delivery of emails to their distribution list. We used mailchimp to design, develop and deploy these monthly emails. Here are some designs:

Hero Images Email Campaign - Designed by NEW DESIGN CO - advertising and social media campaigns


We spent six years were spent designing for a digital advertising agency – Critical Mass, working with clients such as Dell, AT&T, Rolex, Best BuyKaiser Permanente, etc. The first three of those years were spent designing emails for Dell Computers honing our design skills. Here is a small selection of those emails.



Role: Designer

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