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Brand Development is the process of creating a positive perception for a company. This is done by combining different elements, like a good logo, a design that matches the company’s mission statement, and ensuring that all marketing materials, including the website, tell the same story. By creating a good brand, customers will have a positive opinion of the company. This will make it easier to sell their products or services. The mission is the “what” and the “how,” and the vision is the “why. The mission and vision statements are important to lock down on during the branding process as they inform all decisions. Once the mission and vision are aligned, we are able to create a cohesive branding identity across all online and traditional platforms. Below is an example of a cohesive brand experience which is esse


Precision Painting Okanagan is a start-up company that had few assets and needed to launch their brand quickly. These start-ups are great clients because starting at the ground level, we were able to create a brand identity starting with logo, carrying it over to the website, brand merchandise and marketing materials.


Precision Painting Okanagan


Branding, Logo Design, Product Design, Brochures, Signage, Vehicle Decals, Website.


With a limited time and budget, we had to get the most bang for the buck and create a brand that communicated quality and elegance. Precision’s target market audience is customers who prefer fine detailed painting, so we created a clean and minimal brand


Precision Painting Okanagan stormed out of the gates on brand launch,  and within one month ranked second in google search results because of smart SEO and a well-designed site. Customers felt that Precision could be trusted to take care of their painting needs. Precision quickly grew to a staff of 5 and are currently booked 3 months out.

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