We help businesses with their design needs. We can create a variety of different designs, such as logos, identities, and websites. We have many past clients who have used our services and been very satisfied with the results. We work closely with our clients to make sure that the final design meets their specific needs. Based out of Oliver BC, we are available to meet locally in the South Okanagan, or are comfortable meeting virtually to discuss your website or print and branding needs.

Some of the best projects are ones with smaller budgets and openness to doing great work. Getting creative is what we love, and sometimes a good idea, a sketchpad and a laptop can turn boring into something special. Here are a few samples of recent freelance projects that include website design and branding development.  


NEW DESIGN CO. was contracted by another agency to design templated elements for Newline Skateparks’ website design. It’s not every day that we get to work on websites that feature such cool imagery, so this website design was pretty fun.
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Newline Skatepark Website

canalta website landing page


NEW DESIGN CO. was contracted to design templated elements for the Canalta Lodge website re-design.
Click on the images below or visit the site here.

Barton_after website
Barton_before website


NEW DESIGN CO. was awarded the re-design of Barton Construction, Inc. We were able to modernize their brand with the use of large, bold typography and impactful imagery. This was quick design/development and from design to launch was less than two weeks. The client has seen great results and the re-design, coupled with a google and facebook Ad campaign has seen their business grow substantially since the launch of their redesigned website. They are constantly getting new business opportunities from customers reaching their website from google search, a very important part of their business in a competitive and saturated construction market in Calgary, Ab. 

B Construction Logo e1656356775750

Peter Barton



Working with Mark was a great experience. Our website started getting a lot of traction in a short period of time and was a key factor in growing our business to what it is today. Highly recommend.


NEW DESIGN CO. was the AOR of Covert Farms for 4 years. Before we redesigned their site, they were missing a huge opportunity because their existing site was dated, not SEO friendly, and to make matters worse, they didn’t have a mobile site. Covert Farms ROI was immediate as we quickly learned that 53% of their visitors were coming from mobile. With their updated branding, SEO, and mobile functionality, they quickly grew to 75-125+ unique visits per day and they became ranked no. 1 on Trip Advisors’ things to do in the Southern Okanagan. A massive increase and impact on their family business. We partnered with Hero Images and were able to acquire hundreds of custom photo assets for their business which was also a huge success.


AOR, Ecommerce Website, Branding, Design, Videography, Photography.

Note: NEW DESIGN CO. is not currently their AOR nor the designers of their current site.

VIDEO Shoot, production, and EDITing

This project entailed shooting some footage for Covert Farms Family Estate and editing it. We also curated music, added motion, video effects, and typography.

Covert Farms Website Video Screen Background
Play Video about Covert Farms Website Video Screen Background

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